Domestic Storage

What is Domestic Water Storage?

Domestic water storage is the process of storing fresh municipal water to be used in the event of a municipal water outage. A municipal water outage can be the result of a burst pipe, routine maintenance or a power outage at the pumping station.

How it all works?

The main municipal water line feeding your home is connected to a float valve situated at the top of your RainCell™ Tank. The float valve will not only allow your tank to fill up but it will regulate the water level inside the tank (similar to that of a toilet cistern). A booster pump generates the required water pressure and supplies it to your home. As water is used, fresh water flows back into the tank via the float valve. This ensures that your RainCell™ Tank is always filled with clean fresh municipal water. In the event of a municipal water outage your home will have its own supply of fresh water. When the municipal supply returns, your RainCell™ Tank will automatically be refilled.

Advantages of a Domestic Water Storage Solution

  • Water security - peace of mind that you will always have fresh water available for use within your home.
  • Constant water pressure throughout your home.
  • Maintains hygiene in your home during water outages.


It is preferred that a qualified plumber complete the installation. If you require a recommended installer please feel free to contact us.

The Process

Step 1

Municipal water is connected to the float valve at the top of your RainCell™ Tank. The float valve will ensure that the tank is constantly supplied with clean, fresh municipal water.

Step 2

The domestic booster pump will draw the stored water from your RainCell™ Tank and supply it to the house at a constant pressure. Simultaneously the float valve will refill the RainCell™ Tank as needed.

Step 3

In the event of a municipal water outage, you will have 1100lt's to 5000lt's (depending on your RainCell™ Tank) of fresh municipal water on hand.

Step 4

A booster pump is then used to generate sufficient water pressure for your desired application.

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