Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater which falls onto a roof surface and storing it for use at a later stage. By harvesting and utilising rainwater both in our homes and gardens, we reduce our demand for municipal water, thereby reducing our dependency on dams and water treatment plants. The use of harvested rainwater will also aid in reducing your monthly water bill and making your home more self sufficient.

How it all works?

Ordinarily, rainwater from your roof surface is channelled away by gutters and downpipes resulting in millions of litres of rainwater running to waste every rainfall. By simply diverting the gutter downpipe into a RainCell™ Tank, rainwater can be collected and stored to be utilised at a later stage.

What can Harvested Rainwater be used for?

Rainwater for External Use

Harvested rainwater can be used outside for purposes such as:
  • Watering the lawn and flower beds;
  • Supplying water to an irrigation system;
  • Filling up of your swimming pool or fish pond;
  • Washing your car, motorcycle or boat.

Rainwater for Internal Use

By adding a 4 Stage filtration unit to your solution, harvested rainwater can be purified and pumped back into your home for use in bathrooms, kitchens and even drinking.

The Process

Step 1

Rainwater from the roof surface is channelled along the gutter to the downpipe.

Step 2

The downpipe feeds the rainwater directly into the top of the RainCell™ Tank. Leaves, twigs and other debris is filtered out by the stainless steel mesh filter screen situated below the tank lid.

Step 3

The harvested rainwater is then stored in the RainCell™ Tank until it is needed.

Step 4

A booster pump is used to draw stored water from the RainCell™ Tank, pressurise it and deliver the water to the desired application.

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