The Urban Rain Water Cut Challenge

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The Urban Rain Water Cut Challenge

6th April 2018


The Urban Rain Water Cut Challenge

We are all too aware of the water crisis currently being experienced in Cape Town.  With level 6B water restriction in place, Capetonians are being limited to 50 litres of water per day. That means 50 litres of water for toilet flushing, washing clothes and dishes, showering, drinking and any other daily activities that require water.

For South Africans living outside of Cape Town this may seem crazy but for the residents of Cape Town this is daily life. If the water situation does not improve quickly, more drastic restriction will need to be implemented.

Here is a hypothetical use of the 50litre limit imposed with level 6B water restrictions:

  • 18 lt    –    Dishes and laundry
  • 15 lt    –    90 Second shower
  • 9 lt      –    ONE toilet flush
  • 3 lt      –    Daily hygiene
  • 2 lt      –    Cooking
  • 2 lt      –    Drinking
  • 1 lt      –    Dogs bowl
  • 50 lt    –    Total

In light of the hardships being experienced by all Capetonians, we at Urban Rain Systems are proposing a challenge to all South Africans:

The Urban Rain Water Cut Challenge

What if you woke up tomorrow to find that you had no municipal water? What would you do? How would you get yourself ready for a full day at work? So this is how the challenge works:

  1. Tonight, before you go to bed, turn off your water mains supply. This is a valve that looks something like the picture below. It is usually situated outside, against the wall of the house.
  2. Tomorrow morning go about your usual morning activities, of course however, without turning the water back on.

This is a simple, yet powerful exercise to show you just how dependent we all are on water.  I experienced a real water cut a few months back for 3 days and it put many things into perspective for me. We simply cannot survive without water.

We would love to hear about your Water Cut Challenge. Please email us with your experiences:


Gary Burchell

Urban Rain Systems


Water mains valve.

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