Water Management Defined

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Water Management Defined

15th December 2017


In our first article, Urban Rain Systems, Who We Are.., We spoke briefly about water management and how we are all responsible for our own personal water management. But what does the term “Water Management” entail. In this article we will focus on all the elements that are covered by this term.


Wikipedia defines Water Management as:

“…the activity of planning, developing, distributing and optimum use of water resources under defined water polices and regulations. It includes: management of water treatment of drinking water, industrial water, sewage or wastewater, management of water resources, management of flood protection, management of irrigation, and management of the water table.”


This is obviously on a large scale. But what does it mean for you at home? Well, in essence it is the efficient use of water in all areas and activities in and around your home.

Efficient:  Using the least amount of water with the least amount of water wastage in the various areas of your home and in the various activities you perform in and around your home

Areas:   Kitchen, bathrooms, garden, garage etc.

Activities: Cooking, washing dishes and clothes, showering, bathing, watering flower beds, filling up the swimming pool and pond, washing the car, bike, dog etc.

As you can see from the outline above water management is a continuous process of monitoring all water usage in and around your home. The aim is to ensure that you are not using too much water or wasting water unnecessarily.  So again, we ask the question, how do we go about doing this?

Well there are a number of water saving measures that can be implemented in your home. Rainwater harvesting systems, grey water systems, low-flow shower heads and toilets. There are also a number of measures that can be taken to save water in the garden. Swimming pool covers to prevent evaporation for example. The use of micro-misters or drop irrigation to water the garden. Both of these activities can also be done with free rainwater.

There are a myriad of ways to save water in and around the home. Through the course of this series we will look at many of these in detail. In our next article we will look into rainwater harvesting, how best to go about it and the benefits you can expect.

Gary Burchell

Urban Rain Systems

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